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Glyphosate 30% SL (Glyphosate IPA 41%)

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Product name:          Glyphosate 30% (Glyphosate Ammonium 41%)

Crops:                     Tea fruit, wheat, rape, etc.

Features:                  This product is an internal absorption and conduction type herbicide, the agent is absorbed by plant stems and leaves up and down, and through the stem and leaf to the plant's underground part, so that protein synthesis by the dry worry cause plant death.

Weeds:                     Perennial weeds


                              1, this product can not be mixed with other pesticides, can not be stored in the vessel of iron, used the sprayer to timely and thorough cleaning, so as to avoid the use of other pesticides to crop phytotoxicity.
2, the use of protective equipment should be worn to avoid splashing into the eyes and skin liquid. During the spraying no eating and drinking water. The application should wash their hands or face.
3, the product for the destruction of the students have to herbicides, medication to prevent the liquid spray or drift to the citrus foliage or fruit, in order to avoid phytotoxicity.
4, each crop cycle use up to 1 times, spraying when adding surfactant can improve the herbicidal effect.
5, used containers should be properly handled, do not do his use, can not be arbitrarily discarded.

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