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Sun Lianghong, the conuty mayor of Feidong county, conducted a safety inspection of the company

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        On the morning of March 30th, Sun Lianghong, the county mayor of Feidong conuty, led County Safety Supervision Bureau, the county fire brigade, circular park committee and other department, conducted a safety inspection for " The fourteenth security accident investigation month". Accompanied by Li Yefeng, chief of County Safety Supervision Bureau, Zou Guolei, undersecretary, Tong Feng, battalion chief, Li Yan, battalion chief of County fire brigade, Yang Wenbao, director of Circular park committee, Li Kerong, deputy secretary, Wang Huadong, the chief, and other people.

        Mr. Sun and other people directly came into the plant, check the fire safety facilities, visited the formulation robot production line, company showroom, to know the safety and environment protection. Hu Huahai, executive director of Fengle, reported the safety of production and company's development plan. Fengle Agrochemical have no incident of safety production and environmental protection in the first quater, continue to implement automation upgrades, implementing essential safety. Has completed 6 automated robot production line of formulation product, synthetic automation has been in the process of implementation.

         After inspection, Mr. Sun give a high degree of recognition of Fengle's safety environmental protection, requiring Fengle to play the advantages of state-owned enterprises, continue to maintain safety environmental protection situation, catch the opportunity, rapidly development, to contribute to the economy of Feidong County, at the same time on the support of tax refound policy of Park committee, so that Fengle quickly become bigger and stronger.

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