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Feng Le Agrochemical participate in the 16th National Pesticide Exchange and Agrochemical Products Exhibition

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             Under the conditon of supply-side reform, overcapacity of traditional pesticide,  serious homogenization, lack of technical innovation ability, resource and environment pressure and a series of problems has become a key factor restricting the development of the industry. With the acceleration speed of land transfer, peasant not only need the agricultural product with low price and high quality, but also need the full services from sow to harvest, the trend of the deep integration for seed, fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural machinery is increasingly evident. In this exhibition, Fengle Agrochemical  showed the main Technical products of Quizalofop-P-ethyl, Tribenuron-ethyl and Nicosulfuron and the new formulated porducts of green environmental protection, new concept "Integrated service provider of Chinese planting industry" has received the attention of the participating authorities and dealers, won the industry praise.

             Our company met with nearly hundred coorperative partners  from all the provinces and cities in this exhibition, participants use this opportunity to know the technical product market, concerned about the market trends, focusing on visiting coorperate customers, conmunicated business coorperation plan, lay foundation of the 2017 annual market sales work.

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