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Innovative marketing model to explore business upgrade

Date:2016-06-07  Hits:   Resrouce:
    Recently, with the "innovative marketing model to explore the upgrading of the enterprises" proposition, fengle agrochemical executive director and general manager of China Seaweed fengle agrochemical related personnel, which lasted 16 days, deep into the northeast, Inner Mongolia and other first-line market visits to key customers.
    Research group, deep in conversation with Heilongjiang Land Reclamation and other large cooperative farm, also visited the departments in charge of agriculture, through the exchange for the development of the next step fengle agrochemical sort out ideas; with the countries pay more attention to the protection of the security of land, to improve the living environment of the requirements, biological control and green plant protection will be the focus of future development, research group also visited the enterprise of biological agents and Shenyang Chemical Industry Institute and other research institutions, has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation.
    Agricultural in the country as soon as possible to integrate high-quality resources to better serve customers and farmers, to achieve win-win development. The northeast, boost the customer confidence, enhance mutual understanding and trust, firm the Fengle agrochemical development and upgrading of the road.
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