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Company quality policy:

Work hard to create better quality

Continuous improvement, exceed customer expectations

Quality objectives:

1. At least 1 synthetic products can be developed every year, 3-5 products;

2. Create famous brand products in 3 years;

3. Technical product quality reached the best level in our country after 2 years;

4. Dosage form product modulation and packaging of a pass rate of 96% or more;

5. The overall customer satisfaction increased by 0.2%;

6. The production site to gradually implement the "5S" management;

7.  Improve the customer service center, the establishment of key products anti-counterfeiting inquiry system;

8. The new plant was built in two years, at least 2-3 set of synthetic production equipment will put into operation.

9. Pass the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS1800 occupation health and safety system certification within two years after the completion of the new plant.

Enterprise spirit: Not afraid of difficulties, the courage to innovate.

Management idea:

1. The system is important, management decides success or failure.

2. With the cause of the achievements of people, with the treatment of people, with emotional cohesion, with the management of people.

3. The overall control, steadfast execution, cohesion in unison.

4. Realistic, pragmatic, pay close attention to implementation.

5. The rights and responsibility of weightier than Mount Tai lighter than a goose feather.

6. Focus on the sales and market.

7. Strengthen team building, market building and brand building.


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